How can I order?

There are three options for ordering meals - online through our store, via email team@absolutewilderness.co.nz or over the phone by calling 021 105 5905.


Where else can I buy the meals?

We have a great network of retailers throughout the country - check out the full list here. We also attend trade shows and events.


How do I make the meals? 

Making up the meals is easy! Simply open the bag, pour in hot or cold water, mix and wait 10 minutes for it to rehydrate. All our water measurements are in half cup measurements - none of this 1 and 23/45ths of a cup stuff.

Can I make them in the bag?

Hell yeah! They are all designed to be enjoyed straight from the bag.


100 grams doesn’t seem like enough food? 

Because our freeze drying is so cutting edge we’re able to dry our meals down to extremely low water content levels. What you need to look at is the rehydrated weight and calories instead of the dry weight.


What size serving are they?

We don’t put serving amounts on our meals because to put it simply everyone is different, what some companies call a single serve can be inhaled in one mouthful. If you’re worried about the serving size we recommend looking at the calories and the rehydrated weight not the dry weight.


Can I use cold water to make them?

Yes you can, all you have to do is wait a bit longer for them to rehydrate (particularly any chunks of meat).


Where are they made?

At our factory in sunny Nelson, New Zealand.


Do you use real meat? 

You bet we do, none of this compound meat with ingredients list stuff. We use real chicken, beef, wild venison and bacon in our meals.


How long do they last?

We’ve put 2 years shelf life on our meals. If a freeze dried meal is properly dried, packed in the proper packaging and stored correctly it will effectively never go off. Over time the dynamic flavours will decrease (it will taste more bland).

Outside of the packs they have a short shelf life. We don’t use preservatives so effectively they are the same as fresh food when opened and rehydrated.


How long will my order take to ship?

Our business hours are 7am to 5pm Monday - Friday. All orders are processed and shipped within 24hrs (except orders placed on weekends and Friday evening). When the order is shipped you will receive a notification. If there are any delays we will also notify you.


Who ships your meals?

Our primary courier is PBT- occasionally we use other courier providers.


Do you have any gluten free options?

We do! Check out the link here.


Do you have any dairy free options?

 Check out the link here.


Do you have any vegan meals?

Check out the link here


I have a question about the Absolute Wilderness Race

Your best bet is to contact Ten Events who organise the race. However you can also contact team@absolutewilderness.co.nz and we can point you in the right direction.