Adventure Race

28th February - 1st March 2020

Results! (live from Saturday)



Mokihinui! We’re going wild for 2020, putting the wild into wilderness. Nestled on the West Coast just up the road from Westport is the small village of Mokihinui at the river mouth. To the west is the expansive Tasman Sea, to the east is mountains, rivers and raw adventure.


Event Information:

This years Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race will have only 3-person teams (some years there are 4-person teams). The event will be based from the reserve at Mokihinui, south of the river mouth. We are encouraging teams to camp in the area, there are two motor camps, one on either side of the river. Teams will not require a support crew. Teams and staff will manage the logistics for the race day. There will be a prologue on Friday night which will seed teams for the rafting stage.   


Who's it for and why would I do it?

The race is for anyone who wants to be an Adventure Racer.

It is the creation of Nathan Faavae, one of the most acclaimed Adventure Racers on the planet. Together with his staff team, who organise the iconically colossal Spring Challenge, combine all their skills to create a no nonsense authentic adventure race.

Rafting, mountain biking and hiking are the core disciplines with a strong flavour of navigation stirred in. The course design team have in their minds words like rugged and nuggety. This is the polar opposite to an urban race. Expect to get dirty, bitten by sandflies and sodden wet feet, but also expect to visit insanely beautiful places you wouldnt have known exist, and travel to out of the way places seeing exceptional things. This will be an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, thats a guarantee.   


Memory Lane - be part of the legacies

  • 2014 Murchison - Matakitaki Valley
  • 2015 Murchison - Owen Valley
  • 2016 Hanmer Springs
  • 2017 St Arnaud - Wairau Valley
  • 2018 Reefton
  • 2019 Twizel
  • 2020 Mokihinui 


Entry Information:


Early Entry Fee

May - August

Includes Event Tee Shirt

Standard Entry Fee

September - February














Entries Open, May 1st 2019

Categories & Age Divisions

  • School (13-18 years old) 3-hour only
  • Junior (combined age under 60-years) 6-hour only
  • Open
  • Veteran (combined age 120-years +)

Note: Minimum Age - 13-years old


  • School, Open, Veteran
  • Junior, Open, Veteran
  • Open, Veteran

Refund Policy

90% until the end of 2019

60% until the end of January 2020

30% until the end of February 21st 2020

No refunds after February 21st 2020




Kia Ora,

We are the organisers of the Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race, and also part owners of Absolute Wilderness Freeze Dried Meal Co. The event has come about as an extension of the Spring Challenge, for many years we had males asking us why there wasn’t a race like Spring Challenge for them, so we created this event. Adventure Racing has been a major theme in our lives. Our careers began in outdoor education and adventure tourism, with competitive sporting goals along the way. Nathan began adventure racing in 1999 and in 2006 we decided to create pathways for people into the sport, the Spring Challenge was born with a number of other adventure events.  Nathan, now 6-times Adventure Racing World Champion continues to race at the elite level as well as develop opportunities for people to try the sport.

Adventure has played a large part in raising our children and creating many special memories. 

We have a truly excellent event staffing team that work with passion to deliver our events, we hope to see you in 2020 at Mokihinui.

Kind Regards

Jodie & Nathan Fa’avae


6 Hour Course Notes

6 Hour Map Example

Compulsory Gear

Race Rules


Start Times


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The Team List


Results & Photos:

2020 results & photos will be posted here after the event. 





Friday 28th





Mokihinui Domain

Prologue Briefing


Mokihinui Domain

Prologue ‘Iron Moki’


Mokihinui Domain

Maps & Course Info


Mokihinui Domain

Event Briefing


Mokihinui Domain

Saturday 29th



Start 1



TA 1 set up

5:00am - 5:30am

Mokihinui Domain

Start 1 Bus

5:40am depart

Mokihinui Domain

Start 1



Start 2



TA 1 set up

8:00am - 8:30am

Mokihinui Domain

Start 2 Bus


Mokihinui Domain

Start 2



Sunday 1st





Mokihinui Domain



Friday 28th February


3-person Relay Triathlon

Mokihinui Domain

Each team needs one swimmer, one biker and one runner. In the event the whole team is not there someone can do more than 1-stage. Come ready with the appropriate gear for the stage you’re doing. The results of the prologue will determine the start order for the rafting on Saturday. For example, the teams that get 1st & 2nd in the Ironmoki will be on the first raft onto the river on Saturday. 

Approximately 5-minute swim, 10-minute bike ride, 5-minute run.

Swimmers can wear wetsuits and PFD’s if they wish.

Briefing 5:30pm

Start 6:00pm

Technical Information:


  • Navigation : the navigation is pitched at the various categories.
    3-hour race, basic map interpretation is required and an understanding of orientating a map off major land features. A compass is not required. In orienteering speak, expect yellow level navigation.
    6-hour race, the navigation is not designed to be difficult but it is set to reward strong navigators. A compass could be handy at times and being able to keep contact with the map as you travel through the course will be important. It is set at orange level in orienteering.
    12-hour race, advanced navigation, red level orienteering.
  • Mountain Biking : the mountain bike stages typically link the paddle and hiking stages, so they are not intended to be difficult or technical. However, if there are really fun trails in the region that excite the course designers then they maybe included. Most of the mountain biking is on vehicle sized trails and roads, with some single track. The 3-hour race will be easy beginner riding, the 6-hour intermediate and advanced riding for the 12-hour. A full suspicion bike with good brakes is advised.
  • Rafting : the rafting is with a guide on a commercial raft. The rivers can be up to Grade 2. Paddles and personal floatation devices will be supplied. You must wear footwear, wetsuit and your bike helmet rafting. Your race bib is worn over the life jacket.   
  • Compulsory Gear [click to download]
  • Race Rules [click to download]
  • Example of course notes and maps [click to download]



Support Crew:

No support crew need for 2020 race.








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