What Are Adventure Racers Eating During Godzone 2018?

What Are Adventure Racers Eating During Godzone 2018?

February 08, 2018

This years Godzone race is shaping up to be an absolute epic through the Fiordland Wilderness with over 390 people set to start the race. We’ve crunched the numbers on Godzone team orders over the last month to see what insights we could pick up on.

Sweet Vs Savoury

73% of all meals ordered for Godzone this year have been savoury versus 27% being sweet. This is a significant shift from previous years where sweet meals have been the most popular meals with Adventure Racers. Perhaps this is due to racers predicting a long slow race through the difficult Fiordland terrain or just a general shift towards more substantial meals. As Nathan Fa’avae said in a recent article on adventure racing “The more racing I do, the more freeze dried meals I race with. I budget on a freeze dried meal every four hours, then fill in the gaps with snacks. “

The most popular meals 

No surprises with adventure racing staples Couscous Salad and Banana Smoothies being in the top 5 this year. Bacon Mash is usually somewhere near the top too because of its super fast rehydration time and light weight at 85g per meal. The big surprises are Bolognese and Lamb Risotto. Both meals are packed full of meat and more often eaten as a heated meal. Lamb Risotto is one of our most recently released meals that has been hugely popular since its November release.

Top 5 for 2018

  • Couscous Salad
  • Banana Smoothies
  • Bacon Mash
  • Lamb Risotto
  • Bolognese

Overall Trend

From our figures it seems the overall number of meals each team member is taking is increasing year on year. Other popular products are the Awaken and Nourish bars along with Antichafe which has been going out with most orders.

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