We've just released two new meals!

We've just released two new meals!

October 05, 2018

We've got two new meals coming out today. They're both super delicious and were crowd favourites at the Sika Show and Spring Challenge recently. The first meal is Boysenberries on Yoghurt. It’s made with boysenberries grown in sunny Tasman Bay and honey sweetened yoghurt. You read that right - 3 awesome ingredients and nothing else. Like all our meals we don’t add preservatives or nasties - its just pure nutritious food!

The second meal is Beef Stroganoff. We’ve been working on this one over Winter and we think we’ve found the perfect mix of flavours. It’s filled with mushrooms, beef, sour cream and fettuccine pasta; making it a super hearty dinner for your next adventure. Both Nathan and Andrew have taken this meal on some big adventures and created a fair bit of hut envy along the way.


Where to get the new meals?

Hamils Taupo

Bikefit Marlborough


Rollos Outdoor Centre

The Loggers Shop

Mobil Murchison

Further Faster

Coastal Sports

Small Planet Sports

MT Outdoors

Our website!

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