AW Adventure Race ENTRIES OPEN MAY 1st 2019

AW Adventure Race ENTRIES OPEN MAY 1st 2019

April 30, 2019

ONE thing we are ultra committed to with the Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race is going to remote locations, stepping off the beaten track and bush bashing away from it. So we hunted out something that met the requirements - and it's 100% Mokihinui!  Nestled on the West Coast just up the road from Westport is the small village of Mokihinui at the river mouth. To the west is the expansive Tasman Sea, to the east is mountains, rivers and raw adventure.

Event Information
This years Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race will have only 3-person teams (some years there are 4-person teams). The event will be based from the reserve at Mokihinui, south of the river mouth. We are encouraging teams to camp in the area, there are two motor camps, one on either side of the river. Teams will not require a support crew. Teams and staff will manage the logistics for the race day. There will be a prologue on Friday night which will seed teams for the rafting stage.  

The race is for anyone who wants to be an Adventure Racer
It is the creation of Mark Rayward and Nathan Fa’avae, one of the most acclaimed Adventure Racers on the planet. Together they will combine all their skills to create a no nonsense authentic adventure race.
Rafting, mountain biking and hiking are the core disciplines with a strong flavour of navigation stirred in. They had in their minds words like rugged and nuggetty when pouring over maps. This is the polar opposite to an urban race. Expect to get dirty, bitten by sandflies and sodden wet feet, but also expect to visit insanely beautiful places you wouldn’t have known exist, and travel to out of the way places seeing exceptional things. This will be an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, that’s a guarantee.  

Technical Information
Navigation : the navigation is pitched at the various categories.
3-hour race, basic map interpretation is required and an understanding of orientating a map off major land features. A compass is not required. In orienteering speak, expect yellow level navigation.
6-hour race, the navigation is not designed to be difficult but it is set to reward strong navigators. A compass could be handy at times and being able to keep contact with the map as you travel through the course will be important. It is set at orange level in orienteering.
12-hour race, advanced navigation, red level orienteering.
Mountain Biking : the mountain bike stages typically link the paddle and hiking stages, so they are not intended to be difficult or technical. However, if there are really fun trails in the region that excite the course designers then they maybe included. Most of the mountain biking is on vehicle sized trails and roads, with some single track. The 3-hour race will be easy beginner riding, the 6-hour intermediate and advanced riding for the 12-hour. A full suspicion bike with good brakes is advised.
Rafting : the rafting is with a guide on a commercial raft. The river can be up to Grade 2. Paddles and life jackets will be supplied. You must wear footwear, wetsuit and your bike helmet rafting. Your race bib is worn over the life jacket.  



Free tee shirt for early entry

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