5 questions about the 2020 Adventure Race with Nathan Fa’avae

5 questions about the 2020 Adventure Race with Nathan Fa’avae

July 15, 2019

We sat down with Nathan Fa'avae and asked him the 5 burning questions our readers wanted to know about the Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race 2020.

        1       Who is the race for?

The race is pretty much for anyone who wants to do an Adventure Race, provided they can ride a mountain bike. Between the 3, 6 and 12-hour events, there is something for everyone, beginners to advanced, the whole spectrum. It’s also a chance for a group of people to get together and form a team, maybe a workplace team, or a bunch of mates keen to do a shared adventure, challenge themselves. 

        2       Why Mokihinui?

NZ is blessed with adventure destinations, as the race moves around the South Island, we seek out places that are interesting to us and that we think people will be blown away by. We tend to go to locations that are more remote and wild. 

        3       What can competitors expect?

an authentic adventure race in an amazing location. There will be some technical navigation in the 6 & 12-hour events, and some West Coast bush to get intimate with. The main thing we strive for though is good times, it’ll be a fun weekend.

        4       What training should competitors be doing?

very difficult question to answer, the simple answer is get fitter for the race, you’ll enjoy it more. Ideally you want to be fit, strong and fresh come race weekend. An active summer enjoying the outdoors will be the ideal lead up.

        5       If its someones first race what advice would you give them?

Have fun, enjoy the journey of learning new skills, meeting people, exploring places. Adventure Racing is more about the adventure than the race, the race is really just an excuse for an adventure.

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