4 years of the Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race

The Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race has been running since 2014. Here’s some highlights from the past 4 years.

Murchison 2014 - The first AWAR!! Teams rafted the Buller River and explored the Matataki Valley, the race finished in Murchison with the highlights being the Mole Tops and teams exploring areas that had interesting earthquakes faults and areas with rich mining history.

Murchison 2015 - Back in Murchison but this year the course rafted a different section of the Buller River and teams spent the day in the Owen Valley going into some wild and remote places. The long course teams summited the dizzying heights of Mount Murchison.

Hammer Springs 2016 - Hot, dry and windy. Teams rafted the Waiau River and the longer course teams had a canoe section added in. Mainly on private land, the teams mountain biked and hiked into some areas not normally accessible with complex navigation challenges woven into the course.

St Arnaud 2017 - Based around Rainbow ski area, teams rafted the Wairau River and biked and hiked in the alpine regions, unique for a 1-day adventure race. Poor visibility in the high country made the navigation extremely difficult but the adventure rating went off the scale!

2018 Reefton... Set to be one of the wildest adventure races yet the reefton edition of the Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race is going to be epic. For more information check out the race section of our website.

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