Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race 2016

Lake Rotoiti March 11TH-12TH

Welcome to the 2017 Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race, the 4th edition. 


The small alpine village of St Arnaud is nestled under the St Arnaud Range on the shores of Lake Rotoiti. It’s a treasure chest for outdoor sport with Lake Rotoiti and the Buller River which drains from it, one of New Zealand’s most enjoyed rafting rivers, as well as a mecca for whitewater kayaking. Nelson Lakes National Park offers an abundance of hiking trips in the honey dew beech forests or up onto the high mountain ridges and peaks. Orienteering is popular with much of the surrounding bush area of St Arnaud mapped. Just down the road a few clicks is Mount Richmond Forest Park and Rainbow Skifield is close by too. Mountain Biking opportunities are rapidly increasing as DOC and the MTB Trails Trust are committed to making it a mountain biking destination of significance. Sailing, fishing, hunting … St Arnaud has it and more … and now it’s time to go Adventure Racing there!

4-Time Adventure Racing World Champion Nathan Fa’avae has designed the courses for the 2017 events and he’s pretty chuffed with the awaiting adventures, he has said teams can expect some remote wilderness, plenty of decision making and teams will go places that no adventure races have been to yet. 

Iconic NZ adventure races the Southern Traverse, Spring Challenge and GODZone have all included St Arnaud, now it’s time for the Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race!

Unsupported Option

For this years edition, we are offering unsupported options for teams that do not have a support crew. The organisation will manage the teams logistics. It is important to note that unsupported teams will compete alongside supported teams (teams with support crews), therefore, we suggest each team has a support crew, but there is an option to participate without one. It will be an additional $90.00 per team for that option.



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